Black Eye SquidThis dish packs a punch with a sticky flavourful kicap sauce coated over sautéed squid13.9
ShrimposterSquid Chunks coated with shrimp sauce and perfectly fried. Guranteed a "Good Time"13.9
Lao Jiao (Veteran)The "tapas" version of a Good Time signature. Curry chicken to warm the heart and stomach. Served with our instagrammable 'charcoal' you tiao12.9
Chick Chunk FunThese fun time beauties are cooked till crispy and dusted with our signature spice blend11.9
Snack, Crackle & PorkThese deep fried pork crisps are a snacking must have. We dare you to stop at one12.9
3 AmigosTacos or not . Thick chunks of tender pork belly, braised and stuffed between deep fried buns. Perfect for sharing, or not13.9
Padi BabiChunky tender pork belly simmered in a thick rich coconut spice gravy. Served with rice, but with a twist13.9
ChowTah OtahThese crispy Otah sticks are perfectly fried and served with kickass dip. Spam must stop!11.9
Stuff You!Generous otah slathered inbetween you tiao and deep fried. It just works11.9
Skinny DippersShoestring fries dusted with our special dry spice. Have them naked or best dipped with our kickass dip9.9
Nah "X" ChosCrispy wanton chips topped with nacho cheese. Best eaten with wanton abandonement9.9
Achar Cha ChaOur refreshing pickle to clear your palate so that you are ready for more food and drinks7.9