To craft or not to craft, that is a question that’s been on our mind ever since we started looking at the beer fridge and deciding what to stock. Is there a market? Are craft drinkers sippers? To be honest, the craft beer rabbit hole scared (and scares) the shit out of the team and our response was to wade carefully into the shallow end with floaters on.

To begin, We spoke to the good people at Eastern Craft and we took in 4 to 5 craft beers we thought would fit in with the easy drinking customers we expected to rock up at Cush. We tried to stay away from complex flavours for fear that they were “hard to drink” but was that the right call?

Nothing beats actual feedback and over the last week, we’ve invited customers to pop by the fridge when they were undecided and we couldn’t help but notice some looks of disappointment as if they were looking for some specific porter or session IPA we didn’t stock. By some stroke of luck or maybe the craft beer gods were watching, Axel from Brewlander turned up recently and helped us realise quite simply that we needed some heavier weights to stand up against our flavourful tapas. ( Shout out to Axel, we’ll stock soon bro)

To add further conviction, Singapore gravity also came by and impressed us with their easy drinking yet flavourful selection. ( side note, Head Brewer Kim Wong sounds bad ass). We’re happy to report that we’re currently stocking their lineup and managed to break the SG bev cherry on the very first day we brought it in.

So, what does this mean? Are we ready to jump naked into the deep end? I don’t think so. But we’re certainly ready to take the floats off.

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