Who is Cush? What is Cush? And most frequently asked, what happened to Good Time?

For those who frequented this fan favourite modern peranakan cuisine restaurant in the heart of the East,Cush may seem like an unwanted revamp. Perhaps, we can share our journey and change some minds and move some hearts along the way.

To start off, Good Time’s team is still cooking at Cush. The same talented crew cooks laboriously in the foxhole to whip up our reimagined and deconstructed versions of the Good Time menu that we think sets us apart from your typical sotong ball joint.

What has changed then? Firstly, the name “Cush” took us a while to nail down. We had names ranging from the quirky to the punny to the cryptic but at the end, Cush was one that we all looked at each other and felt comfortable with. And that is one of the meanings of Cush that we want our friends to feel when they step through our humble doors. Beyond the prices, beyond the food and even beyond the staff, we want to create a vibe and atmosphere that allows everyone to take a deep breath, loosen that tie and simply be comfortable.

To create this environment, we had to relook everything. We knew that every detail had to be considered carefully but at the same time, we didn’t want to drag the process by ‘paralysis by analysis’.

As such, Renovation started quickly in late April and it was all hands on deck working throughout the nights getting our hands dirty to prepare for the new launch. (evidence below)

Our cush doors opened just 3 days ago, and the response has been heartwarming to say the least. We invite you to visit and have a great time with us. Cush remains a dream until you stop by and make it happen.

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